About Victims' Center

Organizational Background:

The Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations (hereinafter referred to as the Victims' Center) is a non-profit organisation registered in The Gambia, under the Companies Act 2013, Company Registration No. 2017/C4233. The first of its kind in the country, The Victims' Center was formally launched in April 2017 following extensive consultations with Gambia Government officials, Civic Society Organisations and other NGOs.

The fall of the Jammeh government in December 2016 provided a welcomed platform for the voices of victims to heard, and through the Victims' Center, channel their grievances for onward advocacy, engagement and possible redress in collaboration with both governmental and non-governmental bodies engaged in the fight against impunity and for truth and justice.


The Victims' Centre mission is to be an advocacy platform for truth, justice, accountability, reconciliation and reparations and promote human rights for all.


The Victims' Center will be a platform for victims to articulate their concerns and interests, seek support and services for those in need, and advocate for justice and reparations and the establishment of a strong foundation for democracy, human rights and the rule of law to ensure accountability and deter against perpetration of human rights violations and abuses.


  • Promote justice for victims, survivors, their families and communities;
  • Raise awareness about human rights laws, standards and principles;
  • Compile a comprehensive database of victims;
  • Facilitate active engagement of victims in formulation of an accountability agenda;
  • Advocate for justice for victims;
  • Solicit support and facilitate access to services including medical, psycho-social, economic and legal support for victims and their family members;
  • Serve as Resource Center to empower the victims and members of the general public through civic education, human rights promotion/awareness and exchange of      ideas, knowledge and resources.